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Insurance Diary

Why corporation hire us for an Insurance Operation


We work with various banks, Multinational companies & Other Corporations; Small; Medium & large sized, each hires us for their own reasons, most seem to have doubts and questions about their polices.

  1. You are not certain about your Corporation’s insurance quality
  2. Insurance questions put to your insurer are not answered convincingly.
  3. It has been some time since anyone of insurance department has reviewed your Corporation’s insurance
  4. In some cases the corporation’s insurance company sits on the board, which is a potential conflict.
  5. The CFO wants to be absolutely sure of coverage adequacy
  6. Your insurance department does NOT have enough experience to c over all of your insurance needs
  7. Often the Corporations board wants an independent insurance review

The Operation Process; How It Works?

  • 1st: You send us your policies and a summary of your current insurance.
  • 2nd: We arrange a brief conversation about your corporation & the process.
  • 3rd: We use our review experience with various corporations to the best for you.
  • 4th: In about two weeks we report our ideas; comments & our recommended strategies to you.

Insurance clarity is the objective; your staff can ask us as many questions as they like to ask.


Diary of a Corporation Insurance Operation


Day 1: The manger of the corporation emails us. He is interested in a review of his corporation’s insurance. We discuss his corporation’s situation, current insurance, and his objectives. The call takes less than twenty minutes. We email a proposal that outlines the project’s objectives, accountabilities, and fee.

Day 2: The Client gets back to us, asking to move forward. He signs the proposal and cuts us a check for our fee. We contact him requesting information for the project – summary of insurance, loss runs, and the like.

Day 8: We receive a box of the corporation’s insurance policies, sent by the client. We start our review of coverage (Note: more and more corporations are scanning their policies and emailing them. This speeds up the review process.)

Day 10: We receive information from the Client. As we have the info we need; we implement our improved procedures & strategies and we call the Client and set a date for the review conference.

Day 15: We email the Client a copy of our study to be used in our conference later in the day. At the appointed time we review the issues and we provide our recommendations.