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  08:30 am – 05:00 pm
  Sunday – Thursday

  08:30 am – 05:00 pm
  Sunday – Thursday


How long until you get the coverage report to us?

We understand that time is important. Also, claims can happen at any time. The sooner we ID an issue the better.

How long depends on:

  • Type of your policies.
  • when you send them & your quick response.

We usually can get you on the calendar within 1 week of when we receive your policies. Our practice is to schedule sessions as soon as we have been paid and have your policies.


How to send our Insurance Policies To You?

Many corporations scan the policies and email them. You are free to send us a “hard-copy” to our office If you like: Office address: Jabal Amman/ 3rd Circle front of Jordan Insurance Company’s building – Barakat Center building No.(8) Ground Floor P.O. Box: 840012 Amman 11181 Jordan

If it is easier, use our E-mail:


Will your review reduce our Corporation insurance premiums?

Sometimes. Usually we find gaps in the insurance coverage or adjustments that need to be made – that can mean additional premium. If not we mostly help you to reduce your premiums.

Would you rather spend JOD (1,000) in extra premium or have a JOD (500,000) uninsured loss?

Sometimes our recommended coverage additions can be negotiated at NO additional premium. That’s where our expertise helps in the mitigation of the issues we find.


What if I don’t know what questions to ask? I’m not insurance expert.

In the review we provide:

  • A list of items that need to be addressed.
  • Recommendations on how to address them.
You work and we are available to help. We can set up a conference call to talk about the coverage concerns.

Do you deal with all types of Policies?

Yes. These are specialty areas of insurance that interest us. We deal with ALL types of insurance. We’d rather be great at part of business in the world than mediocre at all types of business. Insurance is our interest.


How responsive are you to calls and emails?

We promise a callback within ninety minutes and a reply to emails within a business day. Frankly, most times we answer our phone, since it allows us to deal with issues quickly. We have set up our practices to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients, and we want you to renew year after year.


Our Corporation owns an insurance company. Why should we hire you?

Your corporation-owned-company probably do not work with many corporations; We can offer special expertise and experience. Are you sure that your owned-company (as good as they probably are) have expertise in all types of insurance? Will your outside board members be confident in the review your own people provide?