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  08:30 am – 05:00 pm
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Don’t Hire Us!

Maybe it sounds a bit strange to tell you ‘not to hire us’ but it’s with good reason. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are or what type of business or organization you’re from. We give every client the same passion and the same priority, but what about you? How passionate are you about the success of your business? How seriously do you take your insurance needs into consideration?

If you’ve read this far and not clicked away then we’re pretty sure you’re passionate and successful, at least you have the desire to be. You are the kind of person we want to work with.

Here’s a little check list we prepared.

  • If you just want someone to get you your insurance policies & disappear, that’s not really what we do. We’re in it for the long term.
  • If your corporation doesn’t want to interact and let us get to know your business, you should probably hire someone else.
  • If your policy has to be like before because your boss’s has get used to it, then probably we’re going to clash with your boss. And who wants that?
  • If you don’t enjoy new, innovative ideas that will make you prepared.

If you have come looking for average, you’re looking in the wrong place. We don’t do average. And we aren’t even sorry about it.

We work with various Banks, Multinational companies & Other Corporations; Small; Medium & large sized, each hires us for their own reasons, most seem to have doubts and questions about their policies

  • You are not certain about your Corporation’s insurance quality
  • Insurance questions put to your insurer are not answered convincingly.
  • It has been some time since anyone of insurance department has reviewed your Corporation’s insurance.
  • In some cases the corporation’s insurance company sits on the board, which is a potential conflict.
  • The CFO wants to be absolutely sure of coverage adequacy.
  • Your insurance department does NOT have enough experience to cover all of your insurance needs.
  • Often the Corporations board wants an independent insurance review.